Battlefield 4 Cheats and Hacks with Aimbot

BF4 Cheats brings you a Battlefield 4 hack with amazing features! With a deadly aimbot, no spread, and a fully customizable menu, this cheat ensures a true victory. This Cheat is ONLY available for the PC Game. Try it today!

Created by EA Digital Illusions and powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 Engine, Battlefield 4 pushes the boundaries of a first-person shooter game. Taking place in 2020, each player assumes the role of Sgt. Daniel Recker, a member of the US Special Operations squad named Tombstone. After escaping from Azerbaijan with intelligence about a defecting Russian general, Tombstone must rescue a group of VIPs from Shanghai, only to then escape a sinking aircraft carrier to Singapore, all while fighting off Chinese forces.

Scheduled to be released on October 29th in the US, and as the 13th installment of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 4 with our Battlefield 4 Cheat comes equipped with multiple new features that enhance the intensity of gameplay. A new mini-map and compass aid in navigation, and new color symbols identify each type of player; blue for allies, green for teammates, and red for enemies. Additionally, players can now use dual-scoped weapons and “mark” enemy players on their maps, signaling to teammates who needs to be eliminated. But the most impressive new features include the concepts of all-out-war, Levolution, and Commander Mode. All-out-war enables the player, either single or in multiplayer, more freedom to play on their strengths and carve out their own path to victory with our Battlefield 4 Hacks. Levolution combines the aspects of dynamic destructible environments with dramatic in-game changes, like cutting power to a building in order to shroud your enemies in darkness. Commander Mode gives select players a RTS-like view of their entire map, along with the ability to present teammates with orders for elimination.

Available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and even tablets for on-the-go play, Our Battlefield 4 Aimbot immerses the player in intense amphibious vehicular combat, enhanced survival capabilities, and the chaos of all-out-war.

This Cheat is ONLY available for the PC Game.

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